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Unleash endless possibilities with ComfyUI and Stable Diffusion, committed to crafting refined AI-Gen tools and cultivating a vibrant community for both developers and users.

🤔 Why

We believe that the future of AI generative graphics will revolve around Stable Diffusion, and compared to other open-source products such as Stable Diffusion WebUI, ComfyUI has a very strong differentiation capability. It exhibits high extensibility and applicability, truly enabling developers and users to develop personalized generative workflows based on their needs.

However, ComfyUI lacks comprehensive tutorials and experience documentation, and the tools also lack good experience design, thus presenting a high threshold that many Stable Diffusion users find daunting. This also allows our team to see that if these issues are resolved, ComfyUI might have a chance of becoming mainstream. Therefore, we decided to establish a ComfyUI community - Comflowy (opens in a new tab).

😎 How

What this community can provide:

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More comprehensive and systematic Stable Diffusion & ComfyUI tutorials

Currently, there are relatively few tutorials about ComfyUI on the market, and they are not systematic. To fully leverage ComfyUI, relying solely on these fragmented pieces of information is not sufficient. Thus, we plan to study and systematically cover all aspects of ComfyUI in our tutorials.

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Interactive discussion through a Discord community

Communication and learning stand as the central driving force for community development. You're welcome to join our Discord community (opens in a new tab) and communicate with other ComfyUI users.

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A database of workflow and model content

A significant value of ComfyUI lies in its ability to share or import workflows. We think this feature is severely underestimated, so we plan to build a workflow database based on this, enabling more people to share their workflows and benefit from them. Besides, with the constant enrichment of AI models, it's usually difficult to determine the most suitable model to use. Therefore, we also hope to establish a model database to help users make better choices, in addition to providing workflows.

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An open-source version of better ComfyUI - Comflowyspace

Despite ComfyUI's immense potential, there is still much room for improvement in terms of product interaction experience. Our team excels in improving user experience, so we wish to contribute our professional skills to the ComfyUI ecosystem, effectively promoting ComfyUI's mainstream prevalence.

The current community maintainers include @Marc and @Jimmy. We look forward to everyone's active contributions and participation. Welcome to join us in promoting the development of the ComfyUI community.

🥰 Like Comflowy?

If you like Comflowy, give our repo a ⭐ Star (opens in a new tab) and 👀 Watch (opens in a new tab) our repository to stay updated with our latest tutorial and posts! Every encouragement and feedback can support us to go further.

In addition to supporting us through the above ways, we also welcome everyone to contribute to Comflowy.

While reading our tutorial, you can:

  1. If you encounter typos or sentences that are not fluent, feel free to give us feedback via Discord (opens in a new tab) or Github Issue (opens in a new tab). We will make revisions accordingly. If your feedback is implemented, we will list your name in our Changelog.
  2. If you encounter something you don't understand while going through the tutorial and need assistance, you can ask questions on our Discord Help Channel (opens in a new tab), or submit a help Issue (opens in a new tab) on Github. We will do our best to help you resolve the issue.
  3. In addition to tutorials, we also publish an AI-related newsletter. If you encounter interesting AI-related articles or perhaps products during your studies, you are welcome to share them on our Discord Share Channel (opens in a new tab), or submit a newsletter Issue (opens in a new tab) on Github. If your submission is accepted, we will feature it in our newsletter to be seen by more people.