Comflowy VS ComfyUI

Much more than just a generate photo tool.

Get everything ComfyUI has and much more.

Compare featuresComfyUI

Comflowy Local

Comflowy Cloud

One-click installation

Supported Windows only

Extension installation
Environment configuration

To be managed by the user

To be managed by the user

Using models from Civitai and HuggingFace
One-click download of Civitai models

Need Extensions

Workflow management features

Need Extensions

ControlBoard features
Multi-GPU parallel image generation
Converting Workflows to API (Coming Soon)

No more giving up.

We have found that there are a lot of people that have given up on ComfyUI because it is hard to use and hard to learn.

Accompanying Tutorial

We've included tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced levels to make your learning experience easier.

Stable Diffusion Basics
Basic operations
SD Prompt Basics

Supports Templates

With a wide range of built-in templates, you won't have to worry about setting up workflows anymore.

workflow management