AI Weekly 010

AI Weekly 010

🆕 What's New?

Product Update:

  • Support installing plugins by entering GitHub links.
  • The application initially supports English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. If you need other languages, feel free to contact us.
  • The display in the notification center has been optimized, making the notifications more readable.
  • Fixed some known bugs:
    • Fixed the issue with plugin installation failure.
    • Fixed the problem where the Gallery could not display images.
    • Fixed the issue preventing some users from installing ComfyUI.
    • Fixed the default workflow's inability to run due to model file errors.

Download link: Comflowyspace (opens in a new tab)

New tutorials added last week:

🤩 Weekly‘s AI highlights

📄 Noteworthy papers and technic

Project Music GenAI Control can help users easily create and edit music. Simply by entering descriptions like "upbeat dance" or "melancholic jazz", it can generate music in the corresponding style, and offers features to adjust the rhythm, structure, intensity, etc., to meet users' customization needs. Additionally, it supports adjusting generated audio based on reference melodies and extending audio clips to meet the needs of specific animations or podcast segments. However, the actual user interface for editing generated audio has not yet been revealed.

This innovative technology is capable of extracting rich depth information from images and videos, including data such as albedo, normals, depth, roughness, specular reflection, and lighting. Through this technology, users can recreate new portrait lighting effects by importing reference images. For example, in the described scenario, the input image is the first picture in the top left corner, and the second row of pictures are new images generated using this technology.

DiPPeR is an advanced 2D path planning tool specially developed for quadruped robots, utilizing diffusion techniques to efficiently plan walking paths on maps. This technology significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of path generation and has been successfully applied in both laboratory settings and real-world scenarios. It is particularly suited for applications that require rapid and effective path planning in complex environments, such as emergency rescue, exploration missions, and surveillance activities. DiPPeR stands out because it provides efficient path planning solutions when facing diverse and challenging environments, greatly improving the practicality and work efficiency of robots.

🛠️ Products you should try

Easy Scraper is a convenient and easy-to-use Chrome extension that allows for effortless scraping of content from any website. It supports one-click export in CSV or JSON formats, making the scraped data directly usable for simple analysis with tools like ChatGPT, as well as serving as a knowledge base for GPTs.

CopyCopter acts like a short video production machine, whose main function is to transform lengthy content (such as blog posts or newsletters) into short videos with a single click. You only need to input the URL of the article, and it will automatically extract the content of the article and generate a video with voiceover and subtitles using materials related to the theme. Although the input article can be in Chinese, the generated video will be in English.

D-ID has launched the Agents Beta version of its digital twin feature. This innovative digital twin technology allows for the creation of a virtual person using the user's photo and cloned voice, with the user's knowledge base synced to this virtual being. Through this method, users can engage in video conversations, achieving an effect with only a 2-second delay.

Face-to-sticke is an online tool that can convert facial photos into stickers. Users simply need to upload a portrait photo and then adjust the parameters to generate stickers of different styles. This product is easy to use and can be utilized to create personalized sticker packs and more. It is currently available for free use.

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