Creative Integration

The workflow shared in this session mainly benefits from the IP Adapter plugin. It can replace the functionality of LoRA using images. Previously, we needed to use LoRA models and prompts to generate images in a specific style. Now, you just need to find a photo with the desired style to achieve an effect similar to that of LoRA combined with prompt descriptions. This allows not only style conversion and fusion but also effects like coloring line drawings and material replacement.

IP Adapter Combine IP

This workflow, by integrating image features, can merge the faces or styles of the input image and the reference image. You only need to choose two pictures you like, without having to draw or design from scratch, to create personalized original images.

Its convenience lies in the fact that you only need to input two images, and the model will generate an image that combines the styles and content of the two input images. If you want to see more examples, you can click on this blog:How to perform style transfer using IPAdapter Plus in ComfyUI? (opens in a new tab)

Generating a Ghibli-style Avatar

An appealing original avatar can enhance a user's social advantage. For example, if you want to create an avatar in the style of the popular Ghibli animations, you can use this workflow to upload your own photo and a Ghibli-style image. This will generate a personalized avatar that not only features your individual characteristics but also protects your privacy.

Generating NFT Avatars

NFT avatars, as symbols of digital identity in the Web3 world, are unique and verifiable personal identifiers. The high liquidity of NFT avatars allows them to be freely bought and sold across multiple platforms, offering opportunities for investment and profit to creators and collectors. By running this workflow, you can effortlessly have unlimited opportunities to generate NFT avatars.

Generating Unique Posters

With this workflow, you can turn your bold inspirations into reality. Previously, it might have been hard to imagine the combination of Mondrian's geometric abstraction with traditional Chinese ink-wash landscapes. Now, in just a few seconds, this effect can be brought to life. You can use this method to merge any styles, creating unique posters and experiencing the distinctive collision of different art forms.

Sketch to Image

This workflow only requires you to input a black-and-white sketch and an image with a specific style. The model will convert the sketch into a colored image that matches the unique style, based on the sketch's outlines and details. This way, you can not only add rich colors and textures to simple line drawings but also imbue them with a distinctive artistic style. Whether it's a cartoon style, oil painting style, or abstract art style, the model can accurately blend these elements to generate stunning colored images.

Generating Illustrations

Prompt:A girl riding a motorcycle on the road,Laugh,blue sky with white clouds, on the green grassland, by the seaside.Signboard,peaceful, detailed, high quality,colorful

Generating Original Characters

Prompt:Classical beauty, headdress, exquisite features,peaceful, detailed, high quality,colorful

Generating Posters

Prompt:Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Peony,peaceful, detailed, high quality,colorful

Replace Objects and Materials

This workflow only requires you to upload an image, and the model can automatically recognize and replace objects and materials within the image. Whether you want to change the furniture, or redefine the appearance of a building, this model can perform precise replacements.

Single Subject Replacement

I used a set of photos of small animals as input, attempting to replace their texture with an ice effect. As you can see, the originally soft and cute animals are transformed, with their fur texture and the shine in their eyes realistically rendered as the translucent and sparkling texture of ice, as if they are gleaming in the winter sunlight.

Furniture Material Replacement

If you are a furniture designer, you can use this workflow to change the materials of your products and quickly preview the actual effect of different materials on the furniture, such as wood, metal, fabric, etc. By applying these materials to furniture models in a virtual environment, you can observe the visual effects and tactile simulations of each material. Additionally, this approach allows you to better communicate with clients by showing them the possibilities of different material combinations, enabling them to see the final product more intuitively and make choices that better meet their needs.

Specific Content Replacement

I used this workflow to replace the rice in the bowl with braised pork, and the effect is very realistic. You can not only replace the food in the bowl but also any specific item. For example, you can replace the books in a photo with electronic devices or a regular drinking cup with an exquisite ceramic cup.

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