DreamShaper V8.0 LCM

DreamShaper V8.0 LCM



Dec 7, 2023



Base Model

SD v1.5


CreativeML Open RAIL-M



Specializes in

Generating portraits of real people and anime-style content.
Size: 1.99 GB
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Comflowy Review

The LCM model fine-tuned by the creator of DreamShaper, based on DreamShaper, significantly enhances the speed of image generation while ensuring the quality of the output. You can tell from the sample images below that the quality of the images has not decreased significantly.

However, it is important to note that the Sampler in KSampler should be set to LCM Sampler to avoid some issues. Additionally, the recommended number of Steps is 5 to 15 with the CFG scale set to around 2.


  • Positive Prompt: (masterpiece), (extremely intricate:1.3), (realistic photo:1.2), portrait of a girl, the most beautiful in the world, (medieval armor), (metal reflections:1.1), upper body, outdoors, intense sunlight, far away castle, professional photograph of a stunning woman detailed, sharp focus, dramatic, award winning, cinematic lighting, volumetrics dtx, (film grain, blurry background, blurry foreground, bokeh, depth of field, sunset, motion blur:1.3), chainmail
  • Negative Prompt: BadDream, (UnrealisticDream:1.3)
  • Batch Size: 512x832
  • KSampler:
    • Steps: 15
    • Seed: 5775717
    • Sampler: LCM
    • Scheduler: Karras
    • CFG scale: 2
    • Denoise: 0.4

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