3. Basic operations

Basic operations

Common operations & shortcuts

Next, let's introduce the common operations and shortcuts for ComflowySpace and ComfyUI.

ComflowySpace and ComfyUI operate essentially the same way; however, we have made some optimizations. Firstly, you can double-click on an empty space to open the add node menu. You can find the node you need by searching or scrolling through the list. Additionally, you can pin frequently used nodes to the top for quick access next time.


After briefly introducing the basic connection operations, let's do a small exercise to help you integrate the contents of the two chapters.

First, click on the "Clear" button on the right side to clear all Default Workflows.

Then, starting from scratch, accomplish the following objective: Convert an Empty Latent Image into a viewable picture.

If you cannot find the node you want, you can try right-clicking → Add Node → Loader to see if you can find it.


What to do when an error occurs while running the basic workflow in KSampler?

Complete error message: Error occurred when executing KSampler: module 'torch' has no attribute 'mps' This issue is from Discord user 123321123.

Answer from Jimmy: This error is likely due to not having the latest version of PyTorch installed. Update the PyTorch version on the computer to resolve this.

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