Comflowy vs ComfyUI

Comflowy vs ComfyUI

Simply understood, Comflowy is a product developed based on ComfyUI, and its kernel is still ComfyUI. We have also open-sourced the code according to the agreement requirements of ComfyUI.

This means that Comflowy has almost all the functions of ComfyUI. Our team has also optimized various usability issues with ComfyUI, making it more user-friendly and its features even more powerful. Below, we will detail the differences between Comflowy and ComfyUI.

😎 Unique Features of Comflowy

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Easier to Install

Installing ComfyUI can be tedious and often encounters various unexpected issues, leading to installation failures. To tackle this challenge, the Comflowy local version (opens in a new tab) supports a one-click installation feature, and it's compatible with Mac systems.

Additionally, if you're using our cloud version (opens in a new tab), there's no need to worry about installation issues; simply register and start using it.

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More Efficient Usage

Comflowy provides a workflow management function where you can view all your historical workflows. With this, there's no need to manually export and save workflows anymore. Additionally, the local version offers multi-tab functionality, allowing you to open and run multiple workflows simultaneously, thus improving multitasking efficiency.

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Simpler to Build Workflow

In Comflowy, you can use various templates to build workflows, making the construction of workflows simpler and more convenient.

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Friendlier Experience

We've optimized numerous detail experiences to ensure smoother use. Also, ComflowySpace is integrated with our tutorials, lowering your learning barrier.

😮‍💨 Current Limitations of Comflowy

Having discussed its many advantages, it's fair to acknowledge that Comflowy has its share of limitations.

First, there are still some issues with the compatibility of certain plugins. However, we plan to gradually address these in future versions. If you encounter any problems with plugins while using them, you're welcome to join our Discord (opens in a new tab) community group, where we'll do our best to assist you.

If you're using the cloud version, you can click the customer service button in the bottom right corner of the product to provide us with feedback. We're currently working hard to adapt various plugins.

If you're a ComfyUI plugin developer, we also welcome you to join us in building the ecosystem. We plan to introduce a plugin revenue-sharing scheme in the future. Interested developers can submit Issues and PRs on our Github (opens in a new tab).